Join us for The Full MOFO, or test the waters by riding “MOFO 101” or something in between. Whatever route you choose, the MOFO is sure to challenge you and shift your perspective as you ride some of Park City’s epic, gold-level IMBA trails.

The Whole MOFO

The original and full MOFO route.

Approx. 31.1 miles   |   4,484 feet
(does not include the paved-road riding)

The Mini MOFO

Start at Silver Star and climb to the top! 

17 miles   |   2,913 feet
(does not include the paved-road riding)

Adaptive MOFO

Shuttle to Guardsman and climb to the top!

9.62 Miles    |     726 feet
(Adaptive Athletes only!)

MOFO 101

Try out the MOFO by riding Round Valley and Pladsen Hill!

Pladsen Hill: .4 miles    |   180 feet of climbing

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